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D.K.Y. Associates, RLLP is an educational firm that specializes in workforce education, training, and career strategies.

Our purpose is to help you expand your career options not only in terms of workforce education careers, but to urge you to openly research other career strategies. Remember, your career is without boundaries. Never position yourself to stagnate;  in one’s lifetime, particularly today, many career options are available. It is our purpose to help increase those career options.

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In June 2000, our business was founded for educational research, tutoring, career planning and all aspects of the workforce industry. Our business is composed of educators licensed by the state Board of Education, and who have advanced degrees in the areas of business, workforce education and research. This lengthy involvement in business training and career strategies helped us see business training/education into workforce education and career preparation.

our company is different from other companies

  • We concentrate on the specific areas of personal skills
  •  We have a research based curriculum on careers and how personal skills relate
  •  As educators/ researchers, we are able to create curricula for specific workforce needs
  •  Our curriculum offers avenues to a variety of careers
  •  We have been workforce educators for over twenty years
  •  We have sold our curriculum to a non- profit that specifically concentrates on training individuals  While preparing them for various careers.
  •  We have worked in film; created a documentary on housing…which relates to workforce issues…that won an Impact DOCS, 2017 Award of Recognition


What We Can Do For You

We are available to consult and work with you on creating excellent workforce materials; we can support, coordinate or present workshops as needed. Since our research and work have been located in a Chicago, a large city, we are well positioned to provide all your workforce needs.

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Governmental Associations

Public Housing

They Don’t Give a Damn

The Story of the Failed Chicago Projects. 2017 Impact DOCS Award of Recognition
— Executive Producer. Dorothy M. Appiah, Ed.D.

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