At this moment in time are you: job searching, contemplating a career change, just venturing into the job market?  Don’t worry, I have been there.  Not knowing what I wanted in a career, taking classes to determine my interests, trying to find a job (not yet a career) that was interesting, challenging, while   feeling undecided and lost.  Believe me, these days do end.  In my journey I navigated the outside world and found challenge, purpose and eventually my place.

My goal is to help individuals and assist companies in navigating this maze…the arc  of the career process. Or, how to find employment in any area that will challenge,  fortify , and yet bring joy and happiness.  We all want to do what is enjoyable,  and have fun while we do it.  We all want to be paid well for our expertise.  We all need to find fulfillment in life.

I am just like the rest of us humans; maybe, more so than most.  I did not find my fulfillment until I left my comfort zone.  I realized that my career path was very unconventional.  I wanted to try many careers.  I was not pleased with stagnation.  I wanted no obstacles placed in front  of me; I firmly believe in a career without borders.

I wanted to be challenged; I wanted to do things that brought me joy.  In so doing, I felt that my reward was never in question.  My education was in business and public administration.   To that end, I created my business based around workplace issues.  However, I love the arts, I love history, I love travel, and I wished to have these things contribute to my career/lifestyle.   Do you feel the same?  Please share.  After conducting qualitative interviews among many  workforce administrators, I learned that prospective job seekers were entering the workforce with a discernable lack of emotional skills.  Do you think, somehow, those artistic facets mentioned above had not had a noticeable place in their lives?

This situation forced me to concentrate on how I wanted my business positioned.  Could I reduce that employment deficiency?   CAREERS…A Curriculum Training Guide is my answer to that question.  How?  The Curriculum approached employment in a way I have not seen previously.  Foundationally, the Curriculum surrounds skills, Foundational, Soft, and Emotional Learning Skills. Consequently, these skills opened a different pathway to learning.  Nothing is compromised.  This methodology aided me in creating my  careers without borders approach to employability and a fulfilling life.  Currently, the curriculum is being used by a non-profit to improve employability among the underemployed.

I should like to use this Blog  to let you know  more of my perceptions; and, perhaps you might desire to exchange information, ask questions, or submit your opinions.

Looking forward to our best future.